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We love our community of partners, trainees and friends. See what they have to say about us:

“I stumbled across your Transgender 101 on the Office of Victims of Crime website. What a GREAT resource! And to have it on a DOJ related department’s website is even better. I’ve shared it on internal communication for my library co-workers and will include it as a resource when I present at the American Libraries Association conference this summer. Fantastic!”

“You have come to mean the world to me. You’ve been with me now for the majority of my transition, and you’ve never failed to show me anything less than absolute love and support. You offer invaluable advice and I operate day-to-day knowing that you have my back when and if I need it. You have ALL of our backs. The work that you do, which you give so much of yourself to, is priceless. If only I felt like I could give as much back to you who are so deserving. Thank you for sharing a lovely lunch with me and the others yesterday! I always feel better after spending time in your company! I can’t wait to see you soon! Thank you for the birthday wishes!! <smiley> <heart>”

“@FORGEforward has been doing critical, trans liberation work for years. They are here at the #SUNYSPECTRUM conference sharing wisdom, insight, hope and truths. Check out these important programs: We deserve to be believed, affirmed and validated.”

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