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Social Media Toolkit

FORGE has created many social media toolkits to make your life easier in supporting trans and non-binary survivors.

Are you a victim service provider who would like to signal to potential transgender and non-binary clients that you know they exist and would be happy to serve them? If so, FORGE has made it easy for you. Simply select the social media posts (sized and formatted for different platforms) you like and insert them into your queue. Each post comes with an image description to increase accessibility.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Toolkit

Wanting to post something to your social media on TDOR, but not sure what? Are you a victim service provider? LGBTQ organization? We’ve made a mini-social media toolkit for you. Copy text, images, and image descriptions. Access the Google Drive with all the info you need.


Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth is Violence Prevention Social Media Kit

In partnership with the National Center for Reaching Victims, FORGE created this powerful toolkit on trans/LGBTQ youth and violence prevention. To access the source material, please go directly to the resource at ReachingVictims.

The “Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth is Violence Prevention Social Media Toolkit” is designed to make it as easy as possible for victim service agencies, allied professionals, and other concerned individuals and organizations to undertake a public education and activation campaign designed to support LGBTQ children and youth and disrupt the path to lifelong victimization. The toolkit provides eye-catching, upload-ready posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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