Empowering. Healing. Connecting.
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Our Values

Learn about how we think and approach our work building strength and resilience in our transgender communities.

Central Beliefs and Values

FORGE strives to create a world where ALL voices, people and bodies are valued, respected, honored, and celebrated; where every individual feels safe, supported, respected, and empowered.

Our work focuses around the following four central beliefs:

  1. A belief that trans people and loved ones are resilient (but may still benefit from some reminders and skills);
  2. A belief that service providers have the profession-specific skills they need to serve trans people, but simply need additional trans-specific knowledge and confidence;
  3. A belief that EVERY person is valuable and has a great deal to contribute to society; and
  4. A belief that binary systems and thinking create arbitrary lines between people and communities, which damage spirits and resilience.

Our work is trauma-informed, research based and empowerment-focused.