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Writing to Heal/Art and trauma workshops

“I found out on Memorial Day that I will be homeless at the end of June. Reviewing the goody-bag today, with its simple things, left me feeling more alive, hopeful and in touch with myself than I have been in a week (survival mode/numbing). Thank you so much! I...


“Anywhoooo, this Wednesday I received the notes cards from your workshop. They couldn’t have come at a more needed time. I’ve got them pinned up in my cubicle and they are helping me keep a harmonious smile on my face. Thank y’all for facilitating that. It was a...

Webinars — recorded

“I have been soooo impressed with all of your materials and have been sending links to many of your webinars to my colleagues and partners on campus and inviting them to view them with me. It’s great to have these powerful resources so readily available. Thank...


“Thank you both so much for such an informative and important webinar! You were absolutely phenomenal presenters.”


“That was a phenomenal webinar! …Thank you so much [FORGE] for your informative, accessible, and valuable presentation.”