Empowering. Healing. Connecting.
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Technical assistance

“Thank you for sending this information. It is wonderful to connect with people who understand the challenges of doing this work and can provide helpful resources.”

Resources (generic)

“It is so great to know that there are more resources out there for this population than I realized.”


“Loree has joined our Participant Advisory Committee and FORGE will now become an official Community Partner. As you know, she is knowledgeable, committed, and an absolute delight to work with and has made a substantial contribution to our work in a few short...


“Huge fan of your work. Thank you for all of your incredible contributions.”


“@FORGEforward has been doing critical, trans liberation work for years. They are here at the #SUNYSPECTRUM conference sharing wisdom, insight, hope and truths. Check out these important programs: We deserve to be believed, affirmed and validated.”


“Thanks very much FORGE! Keep doing great work! We love you at Trans People of Color Coalition!”


“I am so proud to know you and michael. Coming up on 20 years. Thanks for all you do.”


“Thank you, Loree Cook-Daniels and Michael Munson, for years of helping trans folks heal from violence through your programs at FORGE.”