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We love our community of partners, trainees and friends. See what they have to say about us:

“I am awed by your skills. Only you have the range of skills, depth of experience, sensitivity and flexibility to pull off what you did for us. You REALLY get us. And we really get that you get us…that’s why the response to your training from each county has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

“THANK YOU for a wonderful two days of sharing your expertise! I know it was an ‘extra’ for us and boy, were we fortunate! It was fantastic!!! You have such an easy, loving way about you…it makes learning such a wonderful experience! Everyone I checked in with really benefited from being there. Thank you so much!!!”

“That was an amazing two days of facilitation and you went above and beyond. It was a really rich experience and a good group to work with, and I appreciated the variety of activities and learning styles.”

“It is so great to know that there are more resources out there for this population than I realized.”

“@FORGEforward has produced the most legit useful guides to sexual trauma recovery I’ve ever seen. They focus on trans people specifically, although they are a gift to all impacted people.”

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