Empowering. Healing. Connecting.
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From 1-hour webinars and 3-day intensives to conference workshops and more, FORGE has earned rave reviews from training participants from a variety of backgrounds. Depending on your circumstances, some or all of your training costs may be covered by our existing funding.

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All of our trainings:

  • are built around adult learning principles
  • are empowerment-based
  • are trauma-informed
  • include plenty of interaction!


FORGE offers webinars (and occasionally an in-person training) on topics generated on assessments of what the field needs, responsiveness to trends and current issues; and new and emerging content.

We record all FORGE-generated webinars, so they can be archived for professionals to view at any time.  We encourage providers to participate in real-time during webinars, or work together with their team to watch and discuss training content.

Visit our Webinars page to explore our recorded webinars!

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What we like best—and what is most effective!—is designing trainings specifically based on your needs and questions in mind. We take pride in working with clients to clearly understand your audience, needs, and preferences and then creating individualized trainings that are truly designed specifically for you.


Pre-COVID, FORGE regularly presented and engaged with new audiences at national, state, regional, and local conferences. We look forward to connecting with you again in person at conferences, after it is safe for us to gather in person.

Conferences we’ve regularly presented at include:  

  • National Sexual Assault Conference
  • International Summit on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
  • National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence
  • American Society on Aging
  • American Psychological Association Conference
  • Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference
  • Many state SA/DV Coalition conferences
  • And many others.