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Trans Day of Visibility

To celebrate Trans Day of Visibility this year, we are highlighting submissions community members during the month of March. Below you will find a collection of voices, experiences, and ways people feel seen.










Want to contribute?

If you would like to contribute, we invite you to submit videos, quotes, music, images, or anything else you want to offer that captures your message about being seen and how you uplift others by seeing them. To help guide your responses, here are some possible questions you could answer:

  • How do you feel seen for who you are?
  • Where do you feel seen? (could be a place, setting, headspace, etc.)
  • Who do you feel seen by? (people, communities, etc.)
  • What is important to you about what others see in you? (this could be about your gender, other identities, your experiences, skills or talents, etc.)
  • How do you let others know that you see them?