Empowering. Healing. Connecting.
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“This was amazing overall, not only the content but delivery and activities. Very engaging and informative.”


“Great adult ed approach – lots of approaches – video/lecture/activity”


“The information and resources! This has helped me tremendously to support the work that I do. The interactive nature of the workshop has been so amazing.”


“Multidisciplinary representation. Group work was engaging and interactive. Great format for a long day and helped with network and find support. So valuable to be given tools for immediate implementation.”


“Great presentation today. I think it went well. Thanks for being so thoughtful, organized, and engaging!”

Technical assistance

“Thank you for sending this information. It is wonderful to connect with people who understand the challenges of doing this work and can provide helpful resources.”

Social media

“Thank you for your daily posts! Your constant work impresses and amazes me. *hugs* to you and Loree – I know she works as hard as you do.” 11/29/2018

Publication: Self-Help Guide

“@FORGEforward has produced the most legit useful guides to sexual trauma recovery I’ve ever seen. They focus on trans people specifically, although they are a gift to all impacted people.”