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  • Day 29 – Make life better for…

    …. incarcerated trans people #30DaysOfAction Sixteen percent (16%) of transgender people have been in jail or prison [compared to 4.9% of American (non-trans) males and 0.5% of American (non-trans) females]. These rates skyrocket for American Indian trans people (30%) and African-American trans people (47%).  Seven percent (7%) reported being arrested or held in a cell […]

  • Day 28 – Support Parents…

    …. of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children #30DaysOfAction The trans community has known for decades that children know their true gender very early in life; what has changed is that more parents are listening to what their children are telling them. At the same time, parents who support their children’s gender identity are under pressure from all sides, […]

  • Day 27 – Protect Bathroom Rights

    #30DaysOfAction . One of the most basic ways human beings take care of each other is to ensure people can meet their essential human needs when and where they come up.  One of these needs is having access to public restrooms. Unfortunately, these all-too-often-taken-for-granted facilities cannot be taken for granted by transgender people, especially those […]

  • Day 26 – Surviving the holidays…

    #30DaysOfAction Thanksgiving and being trans / gender non-binary The holidays can be hard for some transgender and gender non-conforming survivors. Some trans folks don’t have supportive families to go home to, or may want to minimize the amount of time spent with family.  Others may need to work or be too far away from their […]

  • Day 25 – Remove guns from your home

    #30DaysOfAction . It is very tempting to believe that carrying a gun will protect you, but statistics are very, very clear that’s not true. A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to shoot a family member or a friend than an intruder. People in possession of a gun are […]

  • Day 24 – Safer Needle Use

    #30DaysOfAction . Many trans people have regular contact with needles – to inject hormones, silicone or other drugs.  In an ideal world, everyone would have access to free or low cost health care, a new needle for every use, and ways to construct our bodies without putting ourselves at risk for disease or excessive debt. […]

  • Day 23 – Food scarcity….

    #30DaysOfAction …, the holidays, and what that has to do with trans people Transgender and gender non-binary people are at greater risk for poverty and homelessness and as a result, are also at greater risk for food insecurity.  Around the holidays, many trans and gender non-conforming people do not have families they can eat with […]

  • Day 22 – Increase minimum wage

    #30DaysOfAction Support Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 How does raising the minimum wage reduce violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people?  Living in poverty, living paycheck to paycheck and being one step away from homelessness at ANY given moment, creates a desperate, constantly worrisome environment where people struggle with unthinkable choices (medication or groceries?) […]

  • Day 21 – Safety planning

    #30DaysOfAction . Did you know that between 31 and 50% of trans people experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime?  This data is from a November 2015 report from The Williams Institute, “Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Abuse Among LGBT People: A review of existing research.” When intimate partner violence occurs, it is not […]

  • Day 20 – Remembering our Resilience

    #30DaysOfAction . As many of us are reflecting on the harsh realities of anti-trans violence and discrimination today, we encourage you to also remember the power of our individual and collective resilience.  These 8 artists highlighted on, primarily focus on trans women, specifically trans women of color.  We support you in finding these and […]