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  • Self Help Guide for Trans Survivors of Violence

    ********* PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY *********  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT INFORMATION: Loree Cook-Daniels, Policy and Program Director FORGE „ PO Box 1272 „ Milwaukee, WI 53201 „ 414-559-2123   September 24, 2015 Transgender survivors of sexual assault – who make up approximately half of the trans community – face unique healing issues. To help meet […]

  • Disability and Transgender Survivors Webinar

    • Date: September 24th, 2015
    • Subjects:

    Empowering providers who work with multiply-marginalized populations Webinar recorded on October 20, 2015 Click the slide/image below to access the archived recording. Webinar provided by VERA Institute of Justice. Description: Transgender and gender non-conforming individuals experience extremely high rates of violence, as well as live with higher-than-average rates of physical and mental health conditions. […]

  • Trans Sexual Violence Survivors: A Self-Help Guide to Healing and Understanding

    Available September 2015 Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors: A Self-Help Guide to Healing and Understanding is a substantial document that includes information about the prevalence of sexual violence against transgender/gender non-conforming individuals; lists common long- and short-term responses to trauma; addresses the question of whether there is a relationship between sexual assault and gender identity issues; […]

  • Working with Transgender Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence

    • Date: September 23rd, 2015
    • Subjects:

    <Registration & event postponed> Provided in conjunction with the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence.   Before the webinar, please download the accompanying worksheet: <coming soon>   Description: This fast-paced training will encourage participants to expand their transgender vocabulary and conceptual framework(s), specifically in how they apply to transgender and gender non-conforming survivors of […]

  • New book chapter: Understanding Transgender Elders

    FORGE is pleased to announce the publication of another resource on transgender elders. “Understanding Transgender Elders,” by FORGE Policy and Program Director Loree Cook-Daniels, has just been published as a chapter (pp. 285-308) in the new Springer Publishing book, Handbook of LGBT Elders: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Principles, Practices, and Policies. The book, edited by […]

  • Gender, Identity Politics, and Eating Our Own

    • Date: September 10th, 2015
    • Subjects: News

    Originally appeared in Transgender Tapestry #096, Winter 2001. by Alexander John Goodrum I come late to organizing as a transgender activist. In doing so, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned transgendered people truly are everywhere and not just in New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. I’ve learned many want to quietly assimilate into the […]

  • Underserved Populations grant

    FORGE Receives Funding to Serve Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors ********* PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY ********* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT INFORMATION:  michael munson, Executive Director. FORGE. PO Box 1272, Milwaukee, WI 53201. | 414-559-2123 September 9, 2015 Recognizing that over half of transgender people are survivors of sexual assault, the federal government’s Office on Violence Against […]

  • NSAC 2015

    • Date: September 1st, 2015
    • Subjects: News

    1in6, Inc., in partnership with FORGE, is co-sponsoring a mini-track – “Serving Men Who Experienced Sexual Abuse” – at the upcoming 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference, September 2 – 4 in Los Angeles, CA. Each of the four workshops on the track will provide a valuable perspective and tools to help you support males of […]