• Day 2: Talk about non-binary identities

    Did you know that 6-27% of youth age 12-18 identify as non-binary (Williams Institute, 2017)?  Or, that in the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, 35% of the 27,715 survey respondents identified as non-binary.  Clearly, a growing proportion of the trans+ community is made up of people who do not identify as either male or female. Some […]

  • Day 1: Introduce yourself!

    One of the more frequent and more painful things that often happens to trans and non-binary people is “misgendering.” Misgendering is when someone assumes someone else’s gender, and makes a mistake. Misgendering usually is signaled by the wrong choice of pronoun (he/she/they/another pronoun) and/or by using a gendered label for someone (lady, gentleman, mom, uncle, […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Retaliation Against Transgender and Non-Binary Employees

    Workplace retaliation is when an employer punishes an employee for doing something to assert their legal rights, such as filing a discrimination or harassment complaint. Examples of retaliation include: Termination of employment Pay or hours reduction Demotion or reassignment Disciplinary action Harassment Retaliation in the workplace is a form of employment discrimination and is illegal.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment of Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals in the Workplace

    Harassment based on gender identity or expression is a form of sexual harassment. Regardless of the genders of the people involved, it is never appropriate for someone in the workplace to harass another person because of their gender identity or expression. When harassment happens at work, it is never your fault—you are not responsible for […]

  • LGBTQ Youth Bystander Video Project

    About this project: FORGE, a 25 year old transgender anti-violence organization, is undertaking a project designed to encourage people to support the well-being of LGBTQ children and youth by providing encouragement and support. We are collecting short videos, photos, and/or stories that showcase how an adult supported an LGBTQ person who was a child/youth at […]