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FORGE is hosting another photoshoot, this time in Richmond, VA and we’d love to have you join us!

The goal of the photoshoot is to:

  • honor and uplift trans/nonbinary community members,
  • add a bit of #TransJoy into your life,
  • contribute to photos that FORGE can use in affirming trainings to add true representation,
  • provide you with a set of images that you can share with your friends, post online, use as a new headshot for jobs or anything else you’d like to use the photos for!

We’ll be doing a free photoshoot on Sunday, October 8th from 11a-4p EST. We’re asking for people to sign up by Wednesday, October 4th. We have some VISA gift cards to acknowledge participation or to help with transportation.

Who are the photographers?

Dan Mouer is a retired VCU professor (anthropology and archaeology) as well as a lifelong avocational and semi professional photographer and filmmaker. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Camera Club of Richmond. His photography has been exhibited in dozens of solo, small-group, and large-group shows at numerous galleries and other public venues in Central Virginia and beyond. Dan has published five books of his photographic work, a book of personal essays and memoirs, and many dozens of articles and technical reports pertaining to his professional research. Dan is an ally married for 41 years to a transman. He has served as owner, administrator and participant in four major online support groups for trans people and/or their partners. He is currently co-admin for ElderTG, a support group launched by Loree Cook-Daniels. 

Mx. Bex: Non-binary artist, Mx. Bex lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. They create fashion and fine art photography that focuses on authentic expressions of empowerment and liberation.

Follow Mx. Bex on Instagram (www.instagram.com/mx.bex) or on their website: http://www.mxbexart.com


Feel free to share the BIT.LY (forge.tips/rva_photo) or social media posts below with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. (Click the social media photos to access a folder with downloadable graphics to share!)

Share links to the Facebook event for the photoshoot.


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