• Day 10: Help stop sexual harassment against trans employees

    According to the U.S. Transgender Survey (, 30% of employed trans people report being fired, denied a promotion, or experiencing some other form of mistreatment in the workplace each year. Did you know there may be a legal remedy for that? It stems from the federal Title VII prohibition against sex discrimination. A well-established principle […]

  • Day 9: Use “I’m Here for You” Cards

    Many trans and non-binary people have experienced trauma. If what you think when someone you know tells you they have experienced trauma is, “I don’t know what to say!” FORGE has a card that can help. Our free “I’m here for you!” cards list eight simple things anyone can do for and with a trauma […]

  • Day 8: Buy trans books, read trans books, donate trans books

    Remember books? “Most” trans, non-binary, and lesbian, gay, or bisexual high school students in a 2017 GLSEN national survey ( said they “did not have access to information about LGBTQ-related topics in their school library, through their internet on school computers, or in their textbooks or other assigned readings.” That’s the state of accessibility of […]

  • Day 7: Go with! Accompaniment has many forms

    The last three years have been very hard on trans and non-binary people, who have watched as right after right has been taken away and government official after government official has been quoted as making very anti-trans remarks. As a result of the worsening social environment trans and non-binary people have experienced, many report making […]

  • Day 6: Access (or help a trans survivor access) healing resources

    People who have been the victims of a crime are more likely to experience more crimes. That fact makes healing trauma a prevention measure: healing can help people learn about safer behaviors and environments. FORGE has many free online tools to help survivors and those around them learn what happens in trauma both immediately and […]