• FORGE Aligns in Solidarity with Black and Brown Communities

    FORGE joins with many others across the country and world to express our deep pain about continued violence and other systemic injustices directed at Black and Brown people.  George Floyd is one of too many Black and Brown individuals who have lost their lives, experienced physical and verbal violence by police and others in “authority,” […]

  • “Superheroes” T-Shirt Design Contest 2020

    Superheroes wear masks to protect their communities About the Contest FORGE’s 2020 T-Shirt design contest theme is “Superheroes!” During this time of COVID-19, so many people are working tirelessly for their communities, including healthcare workers, food service workers, those offering social services, and community advocates and activists. Let’s celebrate everything they do to protect us! […]

  • Summer Blossoms Coloring Page Design Contest 2020

    About the Contest This year’s FORGE annual coloring page design contest theme is “Summer Blossoms: A Time to Cultivate New Growth.” We are living through a historic time that has required us to change our daily lives and routines. We can approach these changes – along with the arrival of summer – as an opportunity […]

  • Push back on HHS’s #licensetodiscriminate

    We don’t need to tell you that the current Administration has targeted transgender and non-binary people, rolling back federal protections and insulting us seemingly at every opportunity. Well, they’ve found a new way to hurt us. In November 2019, the Administration announced that it would cease enforcing existing U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]

  • #GivingTuesday – Be a Hero for Trans Survivors

    Quick donation references!Donate by Facebook or by PayPal. We don’t have to tell you: the past three years have been extremely difficult for transgender/non-binary people, loved ones, and allies.  Protections continue to be dismantled; violence and insults have increased; and the trans community feels exhausted and scared. At the same time, FORGE – the nation’s […]