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“I see you” – Jevon Martin

For over 25 years Jevon Martin has been a mentor, educator, advocate, volunteer, and former Father in the House/Ballroom Community. He is dedicated to addressing homelessness within the TLGBQI population.  In 2015, he founded Princess Janae Place in to further that work. He is a proud brother of the 1st Transmen fraternity Theta Beta Chi, and has helped change legislation for Marriage Equality & GENDA in New York.

Jevon has been awarded 2015 Man of the Year, the Octavia St Laurent Trans Activist Award, 2014 Marsha P. Johnson Award. Pioneer Cris Award, 2017 Circle of Life Person of Trans Experience Award and many others. With a motto that is a part of his daily inspiration which is, If not now then when, If not me, then who? Be the change the world needs today for a better tomorrow. Jevon Martin is doing just that!

Learn more about Jevon here:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/I.Am.legacy

Instagram: https://ww.instagram.com/_jevon_martin

Website: http://jevonmartin.com/


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