#14 Days Of Trans Action

For the past 22 years, November has been the month in which communities across the world mourn those who have died from anti-transgender hate-motivated violence. In the United States in 2019, this grief is often inextricably mixed with rage and fear over government actions to take away trans people’s rights (including even denying our existence altogether); allow people of faith to discriminate against trans and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer people (LGBQ); and deny government-funded services to trans and LGBQ people. Those insults are on top of other attacks trans and LGBQ people may be experiencing because they are also part of religious and/or racial minorities or because of their immigration status. As a result of the attacks on trans and non-binary people and their families by elected and appointed officials, many trans and non-binary people are experiencing increased isolation (– many people believing they won’t experience discrimination or violence if they don’t leave their home — ), mental health and emotional issues, and both fear and anger.

FORGE believes that while the trans community should be mourning our dead, it is also at least as important to think about how to protect and support those who are living. A tiny percentage of us are murdered; nearly all of us are struggling under the weight of the targeted political attacks we are experiencing and the discrimination and violence we fear. This #14DaysOfTransAction campaign is designed to provide readers with concrete and practical ways to help support and protect trans and non-binary individuals and loved ones.

Take Action! #14DaysOfTransAction #TDOR #TransAwareness #TDOR2019

Day 1: Introduce yourself!

Day 2: Talk about non-binary identities

Day 3: Creatively support people around TDOR 

Day 4: Make your own Blue Couch

Day 5: Revel in trans beauty

Day 6: Access (or help a trans survivor access) healing resources

Day 7:   Go with! Accompaniment has many forms

Day 8: Buy trans books, read trans books, donate trans books

Day 9: Use “I’m Here for You” Cards

Day 10: Help stop sexual harassment against trans employees

Day 11: Save a trans youth’s life

Day 12: Make a meal

Day 13: Repost successes, resilience, possibility models

Day 14: Be a micro-inclusionist