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Tools for de-escalation during a mental health crisis: Actions we can all take to help

Tools for de-escalation during a mental health crisis: Actions we can all take to help

Description: Trauma, stress, mental health challenges, and more can all lead to crisis situations. Often trans/nonbinary people seek support from friends, family, or other community members before, instead of, or in addition to help from professionals. In this webinar, participants will learn some of the causes of high stress or crisis situations, neurological processes that increase intense emotions, tools for responding in affirming, safer ways, and how to practice self-awareness and set boundaries while caring for others. By working together we can help to create supportive communities and mutual aid.

Primary audience: Community members

Presenter(s): Emil Rudicell


Bio: Emil Rudicell is from north Florida. They have been a community organizer and activist in a broad range of overlapping movements, with a focus on anti-violence movements, reproductive justice, and youth leadership. Emil brings over 20 years of experience working in direct service providing crisis intervention and peer counseling. They are a Project Coordinator with FORGE.


Welcome and housekeeping 0:00
Who is FORGE?
Webinar agenda
Looking inwards: self-awareness, boundaries, & checking in
Recognizing crises

Increasing support and safety 26:40
Specific tools: Panic attacks
Specific tools: Suicide
Specific tools: Disconnect from reality
Breathing break

Additional considerations 59:35
After a crisis
Caring for yourself while caring for others
Q: Tips for handling threatening/violent behavior
Resource sharing

August 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm America/Chicago