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Trans & Non-Binary Survivors and Crime Victims’ Rights Law Reform: Missing the Mark

Trans & Non-Binary Survivors and Crime Victims’ Rights Law Reform: Missing the Mark

A workshop at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, Legal Track.

Since 1980, criminal justice reforms have re-centered victims in criminal proceedings by creating minimum standards for privacy, respect, notice, participation, and more. While recent reforms aim to expand these protections throughout much of the country, they are missing the mark for trans/non-binary survivors of violence. Disparate rates of abuse, stigma and bias, hesitancy in reporting of crime, and fear and distrust prevent many trans/non-binary survivors from pursuing justice or accessing services dependent on reporting. Join this workshop in exploring victims’ rights laws and re-envisioning them as inclusive of the needs of trans/non-binary survivors.

Learning objectives 

  • Participants will become familiar with victims’ rights laws and their initial development and current expansion.
  • Participants will gain understanding of needs particular to trans/non-binary survivors.
  • Participants will actively consider how legal reforms can re-shape survivors’ experiences.

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Shelley Gregory (they/them)
J.D.; California bar
Strategic Project Coordinator
Rebecca Donaldson, J.D.
Staff Attorney, Crime Victims’ Rights Project
Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc.
July 23, 2021 9:30 am - 10:30 am America/Chicago