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Fostering Affirming and Welcoming Shelters: Trans People Are in the House

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Fostering Affirming and Welcoming Shelters: Trans People Are in the House

Every survivor has a unique story. Yet, victim service agencies often know little about transgender survivors’ or their stories. This workshop will share qualitative survivor and provider experiences, as well as provide quantitative data about the barriers, needs, successes, and strategies of working with transgender survivors who seek shelter.   This highly interactive workshop will support agencies in identifying areas within their agency where they can make changes – in attitude, behavior, and approach – that will improve their ability to effectively and successfully shelter transgender and non-binary survivors.


  1. Describe one trans-specific prevalence statistic about victimization and how it relates to the need to effective serve transgender survivors
  2. List three barriers trans survivors face when trying to access shelter services.
  3. Identify two areas within your agency where changes could be made to make services more welcoming, respectful, and accessible to transgender survivors.
The exact date and time for this webinar has not been finalized.  We would be happy to email you about event updates. Drop us a note at askforge@forge-forward.org.

December 17, 202012:00 pm-1:30 pm America/Chicago

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