Publications & Resources

  • Respected and Whole: Preventing Anti‐LGBT Bias in Aging Organizations

    Wishing for an organizational environment in which stereotyping, bullying, and bias have no place doesn’t make it so: it takes intention, consistency, and collaborative problem-solving. This innovative paper lays out ideas for creating and maintaining an environment in which everyone – LGBT or not – can feel “respected and whole.” Written specifically with aging organizations […]

  • FAQ: Maslow’s Hierarchy

    Psychologist Abraham Maslow taught us that human needs can be arranged in a hierarchy in which the most basic (finding food, sleeping) must be met before we can address more advanced needs such as self-esteem and creativity. This FAQ addresses why transgender survivors of violence may be more concerned about issues other than addressing the […]

  • Safe Dating Tips

    Both seasoned and inexperienced daters increase their chances of having a safe as well as pleasurable date when they take just a few precautions. This trans-specific dating tip sheet covers issues such as where to meet and what to do before you leave that meeting place; the pros and cons of hosting, going to your […]

  • FAQ: Intersectionality

    All of us have multiple identities. When more than one of our identities is socially stigmatized, the problems we face multiply. That is “intersectionality.” This FAQ explains intersectionality and how it played out in the life of one young African-American trans woman.

  • FAQ: Pronouns and Trans Individuals

    Most of us take pronouns (he, her, theirs) for granted: we think they are obvious, linked to looks. Not only is it easy to make a mistake when you assume a transgender person’s pronoun, but using the wrong pronoun can make a transgender person feel disrespected and unsafe. This FAQ explains how to respectfully ask […]

  • Sheltering Transgender Women: Providing Welcoming Services

    FORGE welcomed another opportunity to work with the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in creating this new Technical Assistance Guidance document: Sheltering Transgender Women: Providing Welcoming Services (September 2014). This Technical Assistance Guidance highlights effective strategies for integrating trans women into shelter, building on the knowledge that most shelter staff and allied professionals have […]

  • LGBT Advocates Commend New VAWA Non-Discrimination Guidance Guidance

    As advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, we applaud the Department of Justice for issuing strong implementing guidelines for the historic non-discrimination provisions in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), ensuring that LGBT survivors of violence receive equal services and treatment free from unlawful discrimination. The recently released Frequently Asked Questions about […]

  • FORGE Applauds New Protections for Transgender, LGBQ Survivors of Violence

    April 9, 2014 Today the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) released its long-awaited FAQs on how it will be implementing the new law forbidding any Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)-funded entity from discriminating on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. FORGE is extremely pleased with the guidance.  The following summarizes what we […]

  • Employer Resources

    This brief collection of links is geared towards employers who need additional guidance with a transitioning or gender non-conforming employee.  [Links specific to discrimination and protections are not overly included on this list.]

  • January 2014 follow-up

    FORGE’s January 2014 monthly support and information meeting screened Susan Stryker and Victor Silverman’s film “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria.”  In the discussion following the film, several books were discussed and we promised to send them out.   Books:  A number of books were mentioned at January’s meeting.  Here are their complete references, […]