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With the fall holidays of gatherings and giving so quickly approaching, our organization is preparing for something big: Giving Tuesday is in only two weeks! We know that many deserving organizations are vying for your attention for Giving Tuesday, but we hope you keep trans and non-binary survivors of violence, and those at great risk of violence, in mind as you decide where to donate your Giving Tuesday dollars. The trans community needs your support, and FORGE needs your support in order to keep providing the services they need.

What Can A Donation To FORGE Provide?

  • $10 can provide a set of 25 “I’m Here For You” palm cards
  • $25 can provide roundtrip transportation for a survivor to see a physician or therapist.
  • $50 can provide individualized support to a service provider so they can better serve a trans survivor.
  • $100 can facilitate a support group for parents raising trans/non-binary children/youth.
  • $250 can provide American Sign Language interpretation for a survivor support group or provider training.

Know that no matter the size of your gift, your donation makes a difference for trans survivors of violence. To continue providing services for the trans community, we have set a goal to raise $40,000 before the end of the year. Get ahead of the Giving Tuesday curve by making a donation today!