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Service providers like health care professionals, therapists, lawyers, and victim service providers can have a huge impact on transgender and nonbinary individuals’ lives. Working with a trans-informed provider can make all the difference. Part of our work at FORGE is empowering providers to better serve their trans clients. We would like to hear from YOU about why having access to trans-informed care matters.

If you identify in any way with the trans community, we invite you to submit a one to three minute video sharing your perspective on how trans-informed and trans-affirming providers make a difference in your life. You could share a positive experience you’ve had with a service provider, or you could share a negative experience you’ve had and what you would like to see change. We invite all kinds of perspectives and stories.

You can either share your video with us using this form, email us your submission at askforge@forge-forward.org, or post on social media and tag us (Facebook = @FORGE.trans. Twitter = @FORGEforward. Instagram = @forge_forward) using the hashtags #TransInformedProviders, #30Days30Ways, and #TransIsBeautiful.

Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences of why trans-informed providers are essential to the health and wellness of our community.