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Serving Trans Survivors: A 101 for Advocates

Service Providers
michael munson
Loree Cook-Daniels
January 17, 2016
Length of Recording

“his fast-paced webinar is designed to assist sexual assault advocates and other victim service providers in better serving transgender survivors. Many providers are committed to serving transgender clients, but seek additional information in order to provide more competent and sensitive services. This webinar will primarily focus on basic transgender concepts, but will include content specifically geared towards advocates. Many references will also be provided on where you can learn more about basic transgender topics, as well as more in depth information on the intersection of trans survivors and sexual assault. Includes discussion on:

The expansive diversity of the transgender community;

Exploring social, medical, legal and other options trans people may pursue;

Common barriers that trans people face when considering or attempting to access sexual assault-related services,

Resources on where to access more information on transgender survivors and how to provide more sensitive and respectful services; and

Practical action items you can start implementing today!

Workshop objectives include: Describe the “terms paradox” and its relevance to working with transgender victims of crime.Identify at least three components of being transgender that they do NOT need to ask of a transgender victim in order to properly serve the victim (within their specific professional role)Identify at least two questions they need to ask of any transgender victim of crime. Be able to articulate at least one way people may respond when they are asked to choose an identity box that doesn’t fit them.