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Non-Binary Panel: Hierarchies

Trans Communities
Core Concepts
August 19, 2017
people featured
Ben Andert
MJ Jonen
Kayla McNeil
Hui Xie

On Saturday Aug. 19th 2017 FORGE was pleased to host an engaging and entertaining panel of non-binary, agender, and gender-fluid individuals. Panelists, Ben Andert, MJ Jonen, Kayla McNeil, and Hui Xie, graciously imparted their experiences with FORGE community members, while sharing many aspects of what it can mean to identify as non-binary. Too often non-binary voices are left out of conversations or even ignored, not only within political movements, but also by the binary-focused needs of the trans community itself. As the largest, and fastest growing segment of the transgender community, FORGE understands how important it is to highlight some of the unique challenges, and perspectives that non-binary individuals face.

In this clip, panelists discuss the hierarchies they see within the trans and non-binary communities, and how often these divisions are related to passing and society’s notions of non-trans normativity.

Transcribed by Danni Greene
©2017 FORGE

Watch the excerpt here