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Stopping It Where It Starts: Disrupting the LGBTQ Polyvictimization Pathway in Childhood

Service Providers
Anti-violence, Intimate Partner Violence
June 29, 2019
Length of Recording

In partnership with the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims, FORGE created a set of resources for victim service providers on trans/LGBTQ+ youth and violence prevention.

Victim service professionals recognize that members of the LGBTQ community often experience polyvictimization, but experiences of bullying are reported both at schools and home. Do practitioners understand how lifelong victimization patterns start? Data demonstrate that victimization typically begins in childhood. The intervention of caring and knowledge adults to make a substantial and long-lasting difference in the life of a bullied LGBTQ child or youth is needed.

Access the recorded webinar, PowerPoint slides, and text-based content directly from the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims’ website.