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COVID-19 Survivor Impact Brief

Service Providers
Anti-violence, Health
May 1, 2020
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FORGE in partnership with the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims conducted a series of listening sessions to unearth the impact the COVID-19 health crisis is having on underserved victims of crime and better resource the crime victim services field to respond to those needs. From these listening sessions, we created a series of COVID-19 Survivor Impact Briefs that summarize the issues and strategies that emerged.

The original documents for these underserved communities can be found at https://reachingvictims.org/resource/covid-19-impact-briefs/

  • Boys and Men of Color Survivors Impact Brief
  • Children and Youth Survivors Impact Brief
  • People with Disabilities Survivor Impact Brief
  • Girls and Women of Color Survivors Impact Brief
  • Immigrant and Limited English Proficient Survivors Impact Brief
  • LGBTQ+ Survivors Impact Brief
  • Older Adult Survivors Impact Brief
  • Survivors with Incarceration Histories Impact Brief