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Conversion Therapy Panel Discussion

Trans Communities
Anti-violence, Core Concepts, Policy
March 17, 2018
people featured
Shelley Gregory
Tony Snell
Kim Skerven
michael munson

On March 27, 2018, the city of Milwaukee’s Common Council voted to pass an ordinance banning the practice of so-called “conversion” therapies. The measure is the first protection of its kind for vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin. Prior to the vote, FORGE hosted a panel examining the risks of conversion therapies, the ways messaging (particularly from our leaders) can affect minority stress, and ways we can affirm and support LGBTQ+ communities. Panelists included the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s Transgender Resource Specialist, Shelley Gregory; Member of the City of Milwaukee’s Equal Rights Commission, Tony Snell; psychologist Kim Skerven, PhD; facilitated by FORGE’s Executive Director, michael munson.

Video also includes clips from NCLR #BornPerfect campaign, the documentary “Diagnosing Difference,” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Captioned by Danni Green. © 2018 FORGE

Watch the full panel discussion here