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Bathrooms Resources (compiled)

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Trans Communities
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April 17, 2024

All people deserve the right to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender.  Unfortunately, all too often, trans and non-binary people are denied access to public restrooms through legislation or by individuals who decide to police entry. These unjust practices make it difficult for trans people to simply go about their daily lives.

Did you know…

  • 54% of trans/non-binary people have had physical problems like dehydration, kidney and bladder infections from avoiding public restrooms
  • 60% of trans students were required to use a bathroom/locker room that did not match the gender they live every day
  • 70% of trans people have experienced verbal harassment, assault, or have been denied access to a public restroom

What you can do:

  • Say something. When you hear anti-trans comments, slurs, or untruths — speak up.
  • Buddy up. Offer to go with trans people to public restrooms to increase their safety.
  • Listen and validate. Offer an ear to trans/non-binary folks who want to share how hard it is facing anti-trans discrimination and bias.
  • Remember and remind. Tell others that trans people (and non-discrimination laws) don’t compromise public safety or violate anyone’s religious freedom.
  • Work towards a more just world. Engage in social justice movements, sign petitions, show up at rallies, be active at school board meetings, write letters to the editor, vote.

Resources to learn more: