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Affirming Care for Transgender Older Adults (podcast)

Service Providers
November 18, 2020
people featured
Loree Cook-Daniels
Dr. Regina Koepp

Dr. Regina Koepp interviewed Transgender Aging Network founder and FORGE Policy and Program Director, Loree Cook-Daniels for a podcast first airing on November 18, 2020. They explored many topics related transgender older adults and providing affirming care.

Listen to the podcast on Dr. Koepp’s website: https://www.drreginakoepp.com/blog/affirming-care-for-transgender-older-adults

In this conversation, they discuss:

  • [05:27] Loree shares her personal story that inspired her to create the Transgender Aging Network.
  • [11:22] Discover the difference between transitioning early in life versus later in life, including the relationship and social factors that you need to be aware of.
  • [22:32] Mental health concerns and suicidal thoughts disproportionately affect transgender folks, learn more here.
  • [25:15] When we’re sick, we need to be cared for. Unfortunately, Transgender folks experience high rates of discrimination in the health care system, including being denied care or having to educate their medical providers about care.
  • [28:33] Family and partner relationships also go through an adjustment period when the transgender person transitions. Learn more about common relationship experiences.
  • [35:48] Mental health providers for years have been in the role as gatekeeper related to assessing a person’s ability to psychologically tolerate affirming hormone therapy or surgeries, but this can have the effect of setting up an imbalance in the mental health system.
  • [42:26] There is a lot providers CAN DO to create affirming spaces when working with Transgender older adults, learn what you can do here.
  • [55:00] As a national expert on Transgender Aging, Loree Cook-Daniels shares her top recommendations and resources for family, friends, mental health and medical providers, and senior care professionals.