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Many trans and non-binary people have experienced trauma. If what you think when someone you know tells you they have experienced trauma is, “I don’t know what to say!” FORGE has a card that can help. Our free “I’m here for you!” cards list eight simple things anyone can do for and with a trauma survivor that are designed to show your support for them – and space for you to write in your own offering of support. The card says, “I’d be happy to…


  • Go for a walk with you
  • Get some coffee/tea
  • Make art/get crafty together
  • Listen to music with you
  • Run an errand for you
  • Hang out/watch a movie
  • Just check in
  • Make a meal together”


Simply check off what you are willing to do and/or write in your own suggestions, and then give the trauma survivor the card along with how to contact you. Although the cards were designed for use with trans/non-binary sexual assault survivors, we encourage you to use them to be kind and supportive to any person you care about who is in need. How to order: Request “I’m Here for you” Cards through our contact form online: https://forge-forward.org/about/contact-us/  

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