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Remember books? “Most” trans, non-binary, and lesbian, gay, or bisexual high school students in a 2017 GLSEN national survey (https://www.glsen.org/research/2017-national-school-climate-survey-0) said they “did not have access to information about LGBTQ-related topics in their school library, through their internet on school computers, or in their textbooks or other assigned readings.” That’s the state of accessibility of information for school-aged youth.  Imagine what accessibility is like for someone living in a restrictive religion home, in a domestic violence shelter, or in a nursing home!


This is where you can simply and relatively cheaply make a difference. Buy and donate a trans book to your local school, library, domestic violence shelter, local LGBT Community Center, residential substance abuse program, or assisted living facility. You can find a list of LGBT Community Centers at https://www.lgbtcenters.org/; a list of domestic violence shelters is at https://www.domesticshelters.org.


Here’s where to buy some trans books directly from the publishers:



A particularly useful buy and donation would be books for children and youth. Here are some lists:



You could also consider books for parents of trans kids:



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