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People who have been the victims of a crime are more likely to experience more crimes. That fact makes healing trauma a prevention measure: healing can help people learn about safer behaviors and environments.


FORGE has many free online tools to help survivors and those around them learn what happens in trauma both immediately and long-term, and what people can do to promote healing. Check these out:



Note that despite the fact most of these guides’ titles include sexual violence, most of their content would be relevant and helpful to people who have experienced other types of violence or trauma.


FORGE also has a webpage that is dedicated to survivor issues, including interviews, resource reviews, and healing tools:



Finally, FORGE offers two Facebook pages dedicated to survivors and healing.


  • www.facebook.com/transsurvivors is open to anyone and is dedicated to uplifting quotes, pictures, and memes – because what person coping with the long-term implications of trauma has too many of those?!  (It also posts skills-based articles, links to blog posts on the trans-survivors.com and more.)
  • www.facebook.com/TransToo is a closed Facebook page designed to be a more private space for trans/non-binary survivors of sexual assault and close loved ones to connect, share stories if they want, and exchange resources.


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