Empowering. Healing. Connecting.
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Sometimes we need a little help from our friends (or a stranger) in order to share our emotions (and feel 100 times better).


Ten years ago, Kleenex tissues launched a campaign called “Let it Out.”


They placed blue couches in very public areas – on a busy street’s sidewalk or in a high traffic park.  There was a box of Kleenex tissues and a person who would invite people to sit on the couch and talk about ANYTHING they wanted to talk about.


This resulted in people chatting about everything from what they had for breakfast, to their child’s struggles at school, to a medical diagnosis, to a joyous wedding they just attended, to the intimate partner violence they were experiencing at home.  Anything was fair game.  They could talk for as long as they needed and the other person listened (and was on the ready with as many tissues as they needed, as well).


“Let it out” campaign


We don’t need a blue couch or Kleenex-brand tissues to replicate this model.


Consider putting a sign in the lunch room that you’ll be available to listen from noon to 1:00pm.  Or that you’ll be sitting on a bench outside of a building on campus.  Or that you’ll be in a coffee shop every Wednesday evening.  Let people know where you’ll be and that you are available to “simply” listen.


This simple act can make a profound difference.  Can you make time this week to offer space and an ear for someone?


Take Action!


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