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Trans folks who make a living through their art, writing, speaking, or other creative (or academic) means, might be struggling more financially during this time of COVID. If you have the means, consider supporting trans artists, authors, and activists by buying their books, paying to download music, or sending trans+ made t-shirts or other handcrafted objects as gifts. 

There are many ways that you can visibly and materially support trans artists, authors, and activists. For example, you can wear t-shirts, buttons, hats, bracelets, ribbons, and even dress your dog in a t-shirt—all with pro-trans statements (or at least the trans flag colors)! These kinds of goods also serve the purpose of promoting trans/non-binary rights and awareness!

Where can you find art by trans artists for trans folks?  There are tons of ways, but here are a few places you can start:

Another easy way to support trans and non-binary people is to support public events and actions, including virtual events! More and more of these are being advertised on social media, and it will only take seconds for you to help the organizers by a quick re-posting to your own network. If you can’t attend one of these events yourself, consider sending $5 or more to the organizers; even paper for making signs costs money, and some events require renting microphones or paying for permits or space rental. The amount you can contribute is nowhere near as important as the tangible show of support.

p.s. — #GivingTuesday is next Tuesday.  We encourage you to find a trans org or individual to donate to.   (We are always open for your contributions, too — but go with where your heart is if you have the funds to donate next Tuesday.)