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Thirty percent (30%) of transgender and non-binary individuals who are employed report experiencing problems or discrimination at work each year. Many trans and non-binary employees feel there is not much, if anything, they can do to counter this difficult situation.

That’s actually not true. Recently FORGE was funded by the Time’s Up! Legal Defense Fund™ to increase knowledge in the trans community about sexual harassment laws and link people with free legal advice if they think the law may apply in their situation. We presented the information in a couple of different formats to meet various learning styles and needs.

If you or the trans person you’re working with prefer information as a webinar, check out: Trans/Non-Binary Employees and Workplace Harassment: Legal Rights and Options. This hour-and-a-half webinar covers: what sexual harassment is; employee rights; when harassment is illegal; employers’ duties; employees’ response to harassment; protecting legal rights and taking action; what advocates can do; and resources.

If you or the trans person you’re working with prefers written materials, we have two fact sheets. Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment of Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals in the Workplace covers: what harassment is; how trans/non-binary employees are protected; the interpretation of “sexual” when it comes to the law; types of illegal behavior; who is and is not covered by the law; employer responsibilities; and options for addressing sexual harassment, along with information on agencies who can help.

There is also the fact sheetFrequently Asked Questions About Workplace Retaliation Against Transgender and Non-Binary Employees. Many people fear reporting their own or even backing a colleague’s report of sexual harassment. Both victims and witnesses are, in fact, protected from retaliation. This fact sheet defines workplace retaliation, why employers should protect employees from retaliation, what not to do about retaliation (probably more important than what you should do!); and who can help you.

There is also a Resource List covering legal resources, filing a complaint, workplace harassment and other employment rights, and transitioning at work.

All of these resources are collected at https://forge-forward.org/publications-resources/sex-harassment/.

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