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We are all feeling a bit isolated, lonely, or disconnected these days. Many of us are using the concepts of “pods” to create a small group of people who we have in our “inner circle” – who we have made agreements with about COVID-19 safety and have a shared commitment to maintaining those safety guidelines.

What would it be like if you considered adding one more person into your pod, or a group of folks who you feel comfortable connecting with in-person?

  • Learn about “pods” and important questions to ask when forming them!
  • Consider who you might want to include in your pod. Is there an individual or family that you feel comfortable communicating with about COVID agreements and would like to see more often? Reach out via phone or video call to see if they’re on the same page.
  • Set guidelines with the people/groups in your pod. While this can be difficult to do, it’s extremely important for making sure everyone is safe and comfortable! In this video in FORGE’s PACT NOW series, people with different kinds of pods and living situations discuss their own experiences, agreements, and communication strategies.
  • You can also learn about sex and hooking up during COVID in this video!
  • Plan activities to do safely with your pod! Even if you have agreed to be in contact with each other, it’s important to isolate your bubble from everyone else. Some COVID friendly activities could include: playing a board game at home, cooking/sharing meals together, having an at-home dance party, ordering take-out, watching a movie, walking in the park, exercising together, and much more! (This video has suggestions for ways to exercise safely during the pandemic).

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