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Detention rates (and violence in detention) are high for trans people. You can make a positive difference in their lives.

Sixteen percent (16%) of transgender people have been in jail or prison [compared to 4.9% of American (non-trans) males and 0.5% of American (non-trans) females]. These rates skyrocket for American Indian trans people (30%) and African-American trans people (47%). Seven percent (7%) reported being arrested or held in a cell strictly due to bias of police on the basis of gender identity/expression. Trans women of color are particularly likely to be arrested on charges – which may be completely unjustified – of being sex workers.

Once incarcerated, 35% of trans prisoners reported harassment by other inmates, again with people of color reporting far more challenges: 43% multiracial, 50% Black, and 56% Latinx. Thirty-seven percent (37%) reported being harassed by correctional officers or staff, again with people of color reporting higher rates. Physical and sexual assault are also common: 34% of incarcerated Black trans people reported having been sexually assaulted by other inmates or by staff.

There are many things you can do to help ease the isolation and violence facing incarcerated trans people.

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