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Even though it was founded in 1998, there has probably never been a year that so called for World Kindness Day as 2020. World Kindness Day is a global effort to promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. It’s not trans-specific, but its goal – help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together – is very much aligned with efforts to make the world better for transgender people.

Participating in World Kindness Day can be as simple as sharing this post or sending an uplifting text to a friend or relative. It can also be the beginning of your own World Kindness Year; check out a book entitled Be Kind: A Year of Kindness, One Week at a Time for ideas.

Or you can join with other kindness mavens in some kind of collective effort.  www.kindness.org is piloting a free Learn Kind curriculum for K-8. This website is exceptionally up-to-date with our COVID world; the curriculum is designed to be useable in class, virtually, or in a hybrid learning environment. They have also partnered with Harvard University to “find the most cost-effective ways to be kind through a pandemic.” Participants choose kind acts from a menu, carry them out, and report on the results. So you’d not only be kind, but help out research at the same time!

The internet abounds with more ideas of what you can do on World Kindness Day. Both Inspire Kindness and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation have images that can be used in social media. Inspire Kindness also has “printables” for school and business settings, a weekly newsletter, and collections of ideas for summer, camping, and painting rocks. Want still more ideas? Check out this page from Kindness Is All Around Us.

Of course, any actions you take from FORGE’s #30DaysofAction also count! So go forth and be kind. #30DaysOfAction #30DaysOfTransAction #TDOR #TDOR2020 #Trans #NonBinary #Kindness #WorldKindnessDay