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Did you know that a lot of trans and non-binary folks often are food-insecure?  Some folks attend free social or community events that have food, JUST to access food – sometimes the only meal they will eat that day. Some trans folks survive on food from food pantries or food assistance programs, or rely on other survival techniques to access food, including exchanging sex or services for food.


There is plenty of food to go around!  We just need to make it happen!


  • When making a meal at home, consider inviting over a trans youth (or adult!) to share that meal with you.
  • If you make crockpot food – like soups or stews – package some up in freezeable containers that you can share with the trans people in your life.
  • Invite a trans person over to help make a meal with you – the process of prepping vegetables and talking can be healing, in addition to ending up with a delicious meal.
  • When preparing a weeks’ worth of meals for your child or spouse, consider also making a week’s worth of sandwiches and fruit for a trans person.
  • When buying fruits or vegetables in bulk (most of the time we never can consume that volume on our own!) – share the bag.   (A lot of folks who are low income, frequently don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.)


Take Action!


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