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Thank you for serving! Support trans vets today (and in the future).

Many people are surprised to learn that transgender people are far more likely to be military veterans than most other population categories. As a whole, 20% of transgender people are veterans, compared to 7% of the general public. Trans elders are even more likely to be vets: 41% of trans elders are veterans, compared to 24.4% of LGB elders.

Trans people’s right to serve has been challenged in these last four years. Find more information here. It’s important now, more than ever during this tense political climate, to honor trans vets. The Veterans Administration actually has very trans positive policies and practices.

Under the last Administration, the Veterans Administration (VA) issued many progressive guidelines for serving trans vets. One can be found here: https://transequality.org/issues/resources/veterans-health-administration-transgender-healthcare-directive. In addition, processes were improved to help veterans bring their military records into alignment with their identity. Advice on how to do that is here: https://transequality.org/know-your-rights/military-records

Looking for more detailed data on trans vets? Try this 2014 Williams Institute study: https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/Transgender-Military-Service-May-2014.pdf.

A clearinghouse of useful information and resources has been collected at the Transgender American Veterans Association. You can also check out the resources at the SPART*A (Service Members, Partners, Allies for Respect and Tolerance for All) website.

If you are interested in helping advocate for trans veterans and trans people currently serving in the military, check out these:

  • The Palm Center is funded in large part by a trans vet and works to improve military policies. Sign up to get their updates to keep track of new developments and advocacy opportunities.

If you or someone you know experienced military sexual trauma, check out FORGE’s review of the book Warrior Renew: Healing from Military Sexual Assault.

P.S. Going into the military is not the only way you can serve your country; #GivingTuesday is coming up on December 1.

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