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Did you know that you – yes, you! – can save the life of a young trans/non-binary youth? That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s not.


Many research studies have shown that T/LGB adults have far higher victimization rates than the general public, and we now understand that those disproportionate rates start in childhood. Childhood victimization lays the groundwork for later adult victimization, which may even be fatal. Childhood and youth victimization rates are also tied to higher suicide attempt rates.


FORGE has created a new webinar, “Stopping It Where It Starts: Disrupting the LGBTQ Polyvictimization Pathway in Childhood,” that explains how one type of violence or victimization leads to another and, even more importantly, clearly explains what individuals can easily do to help interrupt the pathway. The webinar is available for free viewing at https://forge-forward.org/event/lgbtq-polyvictimization-pathway-in-childhood/.


Some of the proven prevention strategies (most coming out of the Family Acceptance Project) include:


  • Talking about trans identities
  • Expressing affection
  • Supporting trans identities
  • Advocating when trans youth are mistreated
  • Requiring others to respect your/the trans child
  • Connecting youth with trans or queer adult role models
  • Helping faith communities become more inclusive
  • Welcoming a youth’s trans friends into your home
  • Believing in a happy future


Which of these strategies (or others!) can you do today!?


Take Action!


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