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Throughout 2020, more and more people have put up yard signs and posters in their windows.  Declarations of basic human rights, social and racial justice, and validation of all people as equally deserving of rights and protection are filling neighborhoods across the country.

People are opting to express their core values in ways that are visible to others.

This level of public-ness and boldness may not be safe or comfortable for some folks.  Some people may not have yards or windows where they can display signs of beliefs.

There is power in being part of a community of others who are also showing purpose and pride, affirmation and alliances.  These tangible statements of beliefs, can:

  • Remind people they have kindred spirits in their own neighborhood;
  • Send messages of hope to the essential workers who are delivering our food and mail;
  • Indicate we put our beliefs into action;
  • Stimulate positive conversation with neighbors;
  • Provide overt signs of support to youth (and everyone) walking their dogs by our homes;
  • Offer great opportunities for people who take photos to uplift themselves;
  • Encourage others to take actions or share their beliefs.

What messages are some people stating on their yard signs?

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Hate has no home here
  • Matter is the minimum
  • No justice no peace
  • No humans are illegal
  • VOTE!
  • Love is Love
  • Listen, Learn, Change
  • Trans’s rights are human rights

If yard signs aren’t an option consider other ways to share your beliefs.  Every way to express yourself is valid!

  • Put a teddy bear in your in window (home or car)
  • Add buttons to your backpack
  • Make chalk art statements (if this is legal in your community!)
  • Wear a T-shirt/sweatshirt with a message that’s important to you
  • Participate in urban art projects – murals or street painting (again, where this is legal and won’t cause harm!)
  • Create signs for others to put in their yards or windows

Every way we can connect with others, it matters. Every time we can share our values, it matters.

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