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Culture Love, Not Wars: What You Can Do

Trans/nonbinary people are beautiful. Trans Joy is revolutionary, loud, powerful, and necessary. Everyone deserves to live in a world that values and respects their existence.

Unfortunately the rights of trans people are under attack by certain politicians and organizations. This state-sanctioned hate is promoting a culture that hurts trans/nonbinary people. 

Fortunately there is something you can do! Everyone can take some action to make the world a better place. By growing love, not hate, we can work together for change, joy, and equality.

To learn more about current events, their impact on trans/nonbinary communities, and actions you can take to make change, check out these resources.

The world is a better place when we…

     1. Recognize that every person has value.

     2. Laugh together, check in with friends.

     3. Vote our values.

     4. Share resources.

     5. Work together for change.

Recognize that every person has value.

About Transgender People

These resources from the National Center for Transgender Equality cover the basics about who transgender and nonbinary people are, and FAQs about trans folks. 

A Guide To Gender Identity Terms

Language around gender identity changes quickly and may feel overwhelming to keep up with. This glossary helps people communicate accurately and respectfully with one another.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Youth

This collection includes a webinar, a white paper, and a social media toolkit that contains pre-formatted posts you can incorporate into your own social media. Start being part of the solution.

Making Your Pride Month Intersectional​

Trans and LGBQ+ people have many intersecting and overlapping identities, like race, class, and disability. This article includes ten influential Black LGBTQ+ activists to be informed about during pride month, and organizations to support.


Laugh together, check in with friends.

Supporting the Transgender People in Your Life: A Guide to Being a Good Ally

Whether you’re looking for information on supporting a transgender person in your life or helping to change the world to be better for transgender people overall, this guide can help.

Trans experiences of violence and harm: What you can do to shift the paradigm in your own community

Trans and non-binary people often face elevated levels of harm, health disparities, and barriers to accessing care, AND, also embody incredible resilience and strength. Learn how community members can improve the realities of trans people through simple and direct action.

Creating Meaningful Relationships

This webinar explores creating and maintaining meaningful relationships of all kinds.

We are all Responsible: 101 Things you can do

We can all make a difference. Here are 101 things you can do to support trans/nonbinary communities.


Vote our values.

2023 Anti-Trans Legislation Tracker

In 2023, anti-trans bills continue to be introduced across the country. This website tracks legislation being introduced and passed.

Equality Federation’s State Legislation Tracker

The Equality Federation offers up-to-the-minute tracking of legislation affecting LGBTQ+ people.

State-Sanctioned Hate: The Impacts of the “Culture Wars” on Trans Lives

This training webinar for therapists and social services professionals discusses the actual effects what’s happening in legislatures, social media, and news are having on trans and nonbinary individuals and families.


Share resources

Erin in the Morning

Erin Reed is a trans queer news and history content creator, lgbtq+ and repro legislation tracker, and activist. Keep up with the latest trans and queer news and legislation on Erin’s blog, Erin in the Morning. 

Link a Trans Survivor with Support and Information

Check out these resources for trans and nonbinary survivors, centered around healing, trauma, and connection.

Resources for Transgender People

This list of shareable resources includes helplines and crisis lines, organizations advocating for trans rights, and support services and programs.


Work together for change.

Three Ways to be an Informed Advocate for Transgender People

Wondering how you can advocate for transgender and nonbinary people? Here are three simple steps you can take.

NCTE’s State Action Center

Want to know what’s going on in anti-trans legislation in your state? NCTE’s State Action Center makes it easy to stay informed.

First Do No Harm: 8 Tips for Addressing Violence against Transgender and Nonbinary People

This publication lists 8 ways we can do better when talking about and addressing anti-trans violence. 

30 Days of Action

FORGE’s 30 Days of Action for Sexual Assault Awareness Month offers actions you can take, big and small, to make a difference in the lives of trans and nonbinary survivors of violence.