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Take Action!

Each month we will be sharing some practical action steps you can take to improve the lives of trans and nonbinary individuals.  Although the WiTEACH project is geared toward connecting Wisconsin-based providers and trans communities, to help collaboratively build a stronger, more resilient trans community, these action steps will be relevant for people in all states.

September 2022 – Protect Trans Health

What’s happening:

The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) included a Section 1557 that:

  • Requires providers and insurers receiving federal funds not to deny or restrict access to health care based on sex, including gender identity and sexual orientation;
  • Prohibits health providers and insurance companies receiving federal funds from discriminating on the basis of sex, including anti-transgender discrimination; and
  • Further prohibits discrimination based on race, national origin, age, and disability.


These provisions were re-interpreted by the past Administration to remove transgender and other protections. The Biden Administration has now proposed regulations to reinstate and clarify the protections. This new regulation has the potential to ensure that the Administration can enforce trans people’s right to be protected from discrimination and harm while seeking health care services. Proposed regulations like this one don’t create new protections that weren’t already there or change the law, but they clarify the law’s intent, educate people about their rights, and help insurance companies, health care providers, and government agencies understand how to follow the law.

What you can do:

1. Go to https://protecttranshealth.org/ and share your trans health story in the bottom left box of the homepage. This can be either a negative/discriminatory story or, just as important, a positive story. You will have the choice whether to agree to let your story go into the public record and, if you do, whether you want to do so anonymously.

2. If you are a service provider who has experienced or witnessed LGBTQI discrimination in health, go to https://bit.ly/ProtectLGBTQIHealth to submit your story.

3. If you contribute to social media, go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n99BImvy1g-88hPjYelG_H9P4_GzmS9o/edit?emci=1ccc20b4-772f-ed11-ae83-281878b83d8a&emdi=a158199a-832f-ed11-ae83-281878b83d8a&ceid=12191219 to access the Protect Trans Health Social Media Kit. This contains not only shareable graphics, sample tweets and Facebook posts, but also additional information and messaging tips.


Deadline for action: October 2, 2022