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Trans Survivors Speak Out

Voice of Healing: Trans and Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT is an exciting collaborative project being launched by the survivor- and resilience-focused organizations FORGE and MenHealing.

Live SPEAK OUT forums will showcase diverse stories of survivorship and healing from trans and nonbinary survivors who have experienced many kinds of sexual violence. Presenters will be selected from a national call for submissions. We are seeking narratives that can be shared through multiple modalities, from spoken word to dance to song.

Trans and nonbinary survivors of all gender identities and experiences are encouraged to submit their pitches when we open a national call for submissions during late Summer 2021. Ten presenters will be selected to participate in a series of workshops and coaching sessions with our trauma-informed team of staff.

Learn more through videos!

Click on the images below to transport you to collections of videos sharing more about collaboration, community, the power of storytelling, and making an impact.

SPEAK OUT seeks for presenters and staff to co-create a radically different kind of healing space. Creativity will be encouraged and multiple modalities will be welcomed, from spoken word to dance to song.  We strive to co-create a non-judgmental and communal healing space that is genuinely trans-inclusive, overcoming unwarranted separation by arbitrary ideas about gender and who “counts,”

Through the process of fine-tuning their stories for public presentation, presenters will experience the capacity for storytelling to transform trauma on a neurological level. The resulting personal empowerment will decease feelings of despair and positively impact interpersonal relationships.

Live SPEAK OUT Forums (inclusive of ASL interpretation) will be conducted in the spring of 2022, creating an inspiring experience for an audience of compassionate listeners.

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