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Trans Survivors Speak Out

Voice of Healing: Trans and Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT is an exciting collaborative project being launched by the survivor- and resilience-focused organizations FORGE and MenHealing.

Join us at the live event on April 10, 2022.

Voices of Healing: Trans & Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT is a collaborative effort between FORGE and MenHealing designed to support, uplift, and foster the resilience of trans/nonbinary survivors of sexual victimization.  The project focuses on using creative expression — words, movement, art — to empower trans/nonbinary survivors to share their story, connect with others, and enhance healing for both themselves and the broader community.

The Live Premiere is an opportunity for community members, other trans survivors, friends, family, loved ones, professionals — and anyone! — to hear and see these powerful presentations of survivorship and healing.

Four trans/nonbinary survivors will share their words, movement, art, and much more during the Live Premiere.  We welcome you to join the participants and witness part of their journey of healing at the Live Premiere.

Our aim has been to create powerful public moments of resilience and dialogue that challenge the invisibility and isolation of trans/nonbinary survivors while building a supportive community. Presenters will debut their stories to an online audience at the premiere event on April 10, 2022.

Where to Register

Live premier event: April 10, 2022, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm America/Chicago

Five trans and nonbinary survivors of sexual abuse/assault will share their stories of resilience and healing in this Live Premiere event on April 10, 2022. 

The Live Premiere is the culmination of four months of workshops, sharing, growth, and connection. Each presenters’ powerful story emerges in a unique, dynamic way through prose, poetry, spoken word, art, mixed media, movement, and dance.

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Meet the Presenters

Presenters were selected from a national call for submissions, and will share the stories they have crafted through the multi-month Speak Out workshop series at the Live Event on April 10, 2022.

We honor their work, their dedication, their experiences, and the incredibly powerful presentations they have created. 

Read more about each of the presenters here!

A Powell

I am a queer, trans, non-binary, buddhist, feminist advocate. I navigate the world as a single parent with a physical disability, ADHD, and mental health challenges. I was in my early 40’s before I felt safe enough to own my queerness and trans identity. I’m tired of keeping secrets and carrying all the shame from my experiences of sexual victimization. The shame is not mine and it’s not my fault. I have been exploring how these experiences impact my gender and sexual identity and my journey with the Speak Out project has helped me claim more of the space I take up in the world. I hope my sharing offers others peaceful ease and gentleness for themselves.

Jon Clark

Jon Clark is an activist who has worked for decades in gender and sexual minority communities. Currently Jon co-facilitates the gender expansive peer support group at Whitman Walker Health, is on the planning committee of Gender Queer DC, and assists a range of gender and sexual minority organizations in the DMV and nationally.


My life is about working to be as alive as I can be. I am an artist. I am a creative, neurodivergent, loving, transgender man living with multiple disabilities. I am a survivor. Healing happens in random ways inside and outside of community that are magical and beautiful.


Being vulnerable is not an act of weakness, it is an act of courage and strength. It has taken me years to understand my healing and purpose on this journey. Today my fierceness and grace is gathered from past experience with hopes for tomorrow. I am a spiritual dancer and practice sacred movement. I plan to further my practice with Reiki and Yoga teacher training.

Meet the Team

The SPEAK OUT project has been facilitated by staff members from both the FORGE and MenHealing teams. In addition, coaches worked one-on-one with presenters to support the creation of their projects.

Andrew Vinyard

Coach (he/him/his)

Caleb Weinhardt

Facilitator and Coach (he/him/his)

Debra Warner

Coach (she/her/hers)

Drew Wiggins

Facilitator (he/him/his)

Dylan Scholinski

Coach (he/him/his)

Jim Struve

Facilitator (he/him/his)

Josephine Pang

Curriculum Planning (she/her/hers)

Lisa Jameson

Facilitator (she/her/hers)

michael munson

Facilitator (he/him/his)

Rich Sims

Facilitator (he/him/his)

Sharon Imperato

Coach (she/her/hers)

Peitao Zhu

Coach (he/him/his)

Shelley Gregory

Coach and Technical Support (they/them/theirs)

Jordan Masciangelo

Curriculum Planning (he/him/his)

Tristen Taggart

Curriculum Planning (they/them/theirs)

Learn more through videos!

Click on the images below to transport you to collections of videos sharing more about collaboration, community, the power of storytelling, and making an impact.

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Gratitude for our supporters:

FORGE and MenHealing are grateful for the financial support from funders who believe In this work, who uplift trans/nonbinary survivors, and who understand the importance of non-traditional modes of healing.

Our thanks to:

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)

Department of Health Services: Division of Public Health, Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, office for the Deaf and hard of Hearing Services Fund Program