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On the first day of November we begin our 30 Days of Action, where we offer suggestions every day for ways to get involved in your own community, take action, and show up. While police misconduct and racial inequity have existed for hundreds of years, 2020 has cast light upon these important issues and inspired public action. There are many ways that we can and should show up for Black trans lives. One important way is by voting for government officials who will prioritize Black and trans communities, or at the very least, listen to pressure from today’s social movements to take action against anti-trans violence, police misconduct, and racial inequity.

Joe Biden, the current Democratic presidential candidate, referred to violence against transgender people as an “epidemic that needs national leadership.” Biden acknowledged that Black trans women face disproportionate rates of anti-trans violence and pledged to support the trans community by enacting the Equality Act, ending legal discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, expanding economic opportunities, reforming the criminal justice system, expanding access to accurate identification documents, and improving government tracking of anti-trans violence. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, does not believe justice has been served in the case of Breonna Taylor, a young Black woman shot and killed by law enforcement in her own home. Her history of opposing the “transgender panic defense” and speaking out against violence against trans women, are a sign of hope for the trans community.

While many trans voters may feel mixed emotions about this upcoming election, it’s essential to make sure that our community, and especially Black and Brown trans folks, not continue to experience violence at the same rates. Here are some ways you can get out the vote:

  • Plan your vote: make sure you know about the voter registration laws in your state so you can be prepared to cast your vote!
  • Visit Vote.org to locate your polling place, find early voting locations, locate a Dropbox, get your ballot info, check your voter registration status, and much more.
  • Voter ID may be a concern for many trans voters. Learn more about voter ID in your state here.
  • Text three of your friends to encourage them to make a plan to vote!
  • Do your friends and family know why voting is so important for protecting Black trans lives? Make a post on social media sharing why you’re voting this year.

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P.S. It’s November 1. That means there are just 30 days until #GivingTuesday.

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