Trans Support Groups

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TS/TG support group.

Unity of the Pioneer Valley

Open to people who identify as transgender, as well as their allies, friends, significant others, and family members.

Tiffany Club of New England

A social and support club for transgender people in the New England region.

T-Supper Club at Fenway Health

If you are transgender, transsexual, gender queer, gender non-conforming, a cross-dresser, or anyone who crosses mainstream society’s notions of gender, Fenway Health offers a support group series, the T-Supper Club. Topics include community building, sexual health issues, stress management, personal expression and group dialog. The current group is full, but call Alex for information about future groups that may be starting up.

New England Trans Community Group

NETC is a social group for couples with at least one transgender and/or cross-dressing individual.  NETC’s meetings are held in the southern New England region between Boston and Providence in a private or semi-private environment.

North Eastern Transwomen’s Alliance

NETA Inc. has expanded and now has a secure meeting space.
Call for more information.

Sisters of Boston

Contact for details.

What Is Gender

Call for information.


A safe, casual space for POC of all genders and sexualities to gather, meet, and discuss the issues that are important to us.  While allies are important, this is intended to be a POC-only space.  This discussion group will meet bi-monthly and is sponsored by the Kaleidoscope group of MTPC.

Transgender Vet to Vet

Transgender is a hard word to define. Any veteran, who for whatever reason, has felt that expressing their gender has been a conflicting issue, is welcome. We provide a safe, welcoming environment to share our experiences and needs.

Gay FTM Social Group

Email for more information.

The Sunshine Club

A social, support, and educational group for the Transgender community, significant others, friends, family, and allies. The monthly meetings provide a safe space for socialising, and peer support. Call for info.

Transgender Support Group of Baltimore

Open peer support group. Meets monthly at the GLCCB. Inquire.


Contact Group For Details.

Maryland Trans Unity

Support for all gender variant people, children, and allies.

Outreach Institute Of Gender Studies

Ariadne Kane, Director – Conferences and workshops on gender issues, Gender Attitude Reassessment Program for health care professionals, clinical supervision for sex educators and counselors, Fantasia Fair, speakers’ bureau for meetings and conferences.


Education and social activities for members of the gender community, their families and friends, and others interested in these issues. Monthly general meetings and monthly small discussion group. Speakers’ bureau. Strict security. Write.

Yankee Boyz

FTM Transgender support group meeting monthly for discussion and support.

Trans Maine Trans Women’s Group

Contact for updated times and dates and location.

Trans Maine Trans and Questioning Youth

Contact for updated times and dates and location.

Transgender Michigan


Gays in Faith Together

LGBT and Religion/Faith

The Kalamazoo Gay & Lesbian Resource Center

GLBT support and information with a Trans support group meeting.

Lambda Mu

Lower Michigan chapter of Tri-Ess

Michiana Transgender Alliance

Dedicated to providing transgender individuals, their friends, family, and SOs with the support, resource information, and education they need in a safe and comfortable environment.

Puff N’ Stuff/After Six

Support group in Grand Rapids area for trans people.


Contact for more details.

Team T at Genesee County PFLAG

Team T, a Transgender Support group, meets as part of PFLAG Genesee County.  Email Charlie Ford for information about Team T.

Trans Just Us at Ruth Ellis Center

Program for MTF people. See site for details.

Trans Peace at Ruth Ellis Center

Group for trans people.

Detroit Queer Group

Contact for details.

TransCend at the Kalamazoo Resource Center

TransCend provides support and resources to the Southwest Michigan transgender community, their significant others, family, friends, and allies.


Social Support/Advocacy

MN Transgender Health Coalition

Health information and advocacy.

The Bridge for Youth

Social and support programs for at-risk youth.


Social Support/Advocacy – focused on at-risk youth.

Tau Epsilon Mu

Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter of Tri-Ess

City of The Lakes Crossgender Community

Holds trans support groups, see website or contact for more info about times and locations.

The Transgender Institute

The Transgender Institute offers in-office consultations, coaching and therapy sessions dedicated to serving the transgender population.

Midwest Transguy Coterie Social Support Group at LIKEME

Midwest Transguy Coterie – FTM Social / Support Group Monthly meeting.

FTM Support KC at LIKEME

Monthly FTM Transgender Support Group.

Mississippi Transgender Alliance

Contact for more information.

Metro Trans 101 at LGBT Center – St. Louis

Check site calander for monthly meetings.

Support Group at Trans Parent

See site for details.

Trans at Mizzou

Resource Group at University of Missouri.

Western Montana Community Center

Support and information for the GLBT community.

Montana Gender Alliance

The Montana Gender Alliance, a cornerstone of the Gender Expansion Project community outreach programs, is a collective network of individuals of gender diversity, their families, and their allies. We provide a safe space for support and discussion of topics in which often surround the gender diverse spectrum.
Meets in Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, Helena, and Kalispell.  Meets on Saturdays midafternoon depending on the location.  Contact individual chapter for details.

FTM and Female-Bodied Questioning Support Group

The group works to support individuals in the FTM community and female-bodied individuals thinking about transitioning/exploring their gender identity. Call Ryan if you’d like to receive more information or set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss the group. Sponsored by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

Open Arms Transgender Youth Group

Website lists upcoming meetings.

Rivercity Gender Alliance

Meetings held monthly–time and location revealed to all members. See website for information on membership.

New Hampshire Transgender Resources for Education and Empowerment (NHTREE)

Support and resources to all transgender, drag, transexual, and intersex people and their allies.

Tau Sigma Nu Epsilon

Tri-Ess New England chapter

Teen Transplorations

Ages 12-18; contact for details.

Family Transplorations

Parents and family of trans youth.  Contact for more details.

Adult Transplorations

Contact for more information.

Trans Support at Portsmouth Community Campus

Support/discussion group. We start off all together and then break up into small groups so that those who would like to discuss gender can do so in a safe and confidential manner.

Tristate TG Support Group

We welcome crossdressers, transsexuals, FtM, MtF, intersex, or anyone else seeking the support and community of their peers.

Sigma Nu Rho

Trenton, NJ chapter of Tri-Ess

New Jersey Support Group

To join fill out contact form on website.  After membership is accepted, the group moderator will provide details.

Trueselves at New Jersey Pride Center

A facilitated support group exclusively for and about transgender-identified individuals, regardless of where on the transgender spectrum you believe you live.

The Transview at Hudson Pride Center

The Transview provides support to Trans-Women in and around the Jersey City/Hudson County area.  The group meets weekly for discussions, fabulous parties, and other social events.

Transgender NM Support Group

Open membership support, education, and social support group for TG people.