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MTF Discussion Group at The Center

Structured discussion group for transgender women (MTF), those assigned male at birth, now identifying as female, gender non-conforming or questioning their gender, and allies. Topics focus on issues affecting women and transgender people.

Transgender Discussion Group at The Center

A discussion and support group for transgender and trans-questioning folks ages 18 and up.

Grupo de apoyo “Transgenero 2000” at The Center

Este grupo se lleba acabo de 5:30 pm a 8:00 pm, es un grupo abierto a familias, amigos y personas que quieran comprender y dar apoyo a trangeneros, en este grupo se dan diferentes temas educativos y tambien las chicas comparten sus experiencias de la vida. El grupo se fundo en abril del año 2000.

Gender Identity Group @ HYC

A discussion and support group for transgender, gender non-conforming, and trans-questioning youth ages 14-18. The group is also open to youth who are interested in learning more about gender identity.

Transsexual Support Group

The Center’s Transsexual Support Group is an all-inclusive place open to people of all genders and/or presentations and at any stage of transition. Anyone thinking about transition, looking for resources, or just wanting to learn more about transition is welcome to come and discuss experiences and life-situations in this small group of 10-20 people.

TransFem at Gender Health Center

Validating All Forms of Female Expression! TransFem is a social group, a support group, and a mentor group for female-identified individuals including gender variant females. Whether butch or girly, all forms of female expression are welcome!

Trans Youth at Gender Health Center

This social group is for LGBT youth and allies ages 14 to 23. It is a place to come and hang out with other like-minded young people. Discussion topics range from advocacy in schools to video games. Come organize social events for LGBT youth such as game nights, dancing, strategic planning, or just to hang out… whatever you like! This is YOUR group. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share.

Bay Area In-Person Support Group

For more information, including dates and times, please call or email us.

Pueblo TV/TS Support Group Of Southern Colorado

Membership is open to TV/TSs in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and the rest of Southern Colorado.

Peak Area Gender Expressions (PAGE)

Support group for TG/TS/Intersex and friends.

The Center

Center for community organizing, support services, social activities, and cultural events for the GLBT community.

Tau Sigma Kappa

Denver, CO chapter of Tri-Ess

Open Social Support Group

This meeting has an open format.  It is for those who are beginning transition, in the process of transition, fully transitioned, family and friends with questions,  cross-dressers, all gender variant folks who want a more relaxed social atmosphere.

Trans and Sober Group

This is an open 12 step group for trans folks who are sober or would like to be.

Monday Nights

Monday nights we are open late and are intended for support. This is a great time for first timers, those questioning their gender, or those starting out who need to get their questions answered.


Groups are every Wednesday and en español every Monday.
Seeking Safety groups for trans people who are struggling with adult or childhood trauma or addiction take place every Tuesday. Lunch is provided.

Boulder Trans and Genderqueer Support (BTGS)

Offers support group meetings and social fun for people 18+ who identify as transgender and/or identify anywhere within the gender variant spectrum/sphere/torus.

Transgender Family Support Group

This is a support group specifically for family members and friends of Transgender people. This is a safe place to speak freely and confidentially. We will discuss our fears and concerns about loving and living with someone who is Transgender. To ensure open dialogue, we are asking that TG people not attend the family-only meeting. There is a waiting area if needed. Contact Carrie for details.

The Gathering Place

A “gathering place” for women, children, and transgender people who are experiencing homelessness.

Mile High Transgender

Meetups are not disclosed publicly. Contact group for details.

Connecticut Outreach Society

Promotes a positive self-image for cross-gendered individuals in the community and in the media. Three meetings each month. Wives’ Support Group and Couples’ Group; education, outreach, and speakers’ bureau; social get-togethers and outings; confidential.


A new group is forming for single adults who crossdress. Open to Crossdressers and transsexuals. Offering support, friendship, outreach to Singles. Non-sexual gatherings. Based in central Connecticut

Triangle Transgender Society

TTGS provides a safe place for transgender people, their friends, supporters and families. To join the group for the first time, it is recommended you email in advance.

Southern CT Trans Masculine Group

The purpose of SCTG is to provide a support, resources and a social network for those who were assigned female at birth and feel that this is an inaccurate and/or incomplete gender identity.

Transitioning and Loving Life

Please contact us for more details or directions.

DC Area Transmasculine Society (DCATS)

The DC Area Transmasculine Society is a peer-facilitated social and support group in the DC area for anyone on the transmasculine spectrum. We are persons born or assigned female at birth and feel that this is an inaccurate or incomplete description of who we are today. DCATS also welcomes significant others, friends, families, and allies (SOFFAs).

Rap Group

Many of our youth come to SMYAL looking for a safe space to talk openly about the issues they face every day due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to the issues facing all adolescents growing up in the DC metro region. Our weekly rap group gives them an opportunity to speak about what’s on their mind and get support from their peers and from SMYAL staff members and volunteers.

HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive)

Provides resources, therapy, HIV testing, and support groups for sex workers.

Trans Spectrum

Ongoing psychotherapy group that involves psychosocial and education for gender queer people aged 18-25 who are experiencing some conflict/ambiguity around gender identity and sexual orientation. An initial screening appointment is necessary for admission.

Trans Lives

Ongoing psychotherapy group designed to provide a safe environment for transgender persons to explore bio/psycho/social issues. An initial screening appointment is necessary for admission.

First Friday Trans at DC LGBT CENTER

Transgender Support Group.
This peer-facilitated discussion group is open to members of the transgender community as well as partners, friends, and allies. Join us!

Renaissance Transgender Association – Delaware Chapter

For information, write or call. For TV/TS/TG/SO with programs, support groups, education. Contact for information. Open group. Newsletter.

Nu Phi Sigma/North Florida Sisters

A newly-formed group for crossdressers that meet in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Full Time Trans

Support group for TS/TV.

Delta Chi Delta

Fort Lauderdale, FL chapter of Tri-Ess, support group for heterosexual crossdressers and their SOs.

Jacksonville Area Gender Society

A Transgender Support Group.

Trans Central Station

Various support groups, including Transgender support and information.

Tampa Bay Gender Alliance

Open support group for all members of the TG community.

Gamma Kappa Gamma

Fort Myers, FL chapter of Tri-Ess

Phi Epsilon Mu

Orlando, FL chapter of Tri-Ess

Tri Beta

Tampa, FL chapter of Tri-Ess

Transgender Drop-in Center at SoBe Thrifty/Care Resources

The Center is a one-stop shop for Trans-needs and services, including internet job searches, counseling, and HIV testing.

Between Somewhere & Here at Pridelines Youth Services

Age Limit: 16 – 24
Between Here & Somewhere Else is a unique gender and sexuality education program for transgender and gender variant individuals.
This program is designed to help TG/GV people learn about themselves and how to deal with the discontinuity between their hearts and the mirror, and the thoughts and feelings they experience.

Transgender Network Tampa

Transgender/gender-variant support in Tampa area.  Contact for gathering information.

The Tampa Bay Ladies

The purpose of The Tampa Bay Ladies is to act as a social, support, and volunteer group for individuals with transgender issues, their spouses, partners, and families. Gatherings are announced on website.  See for details.

Transgender Support Group by Trans Action Florida

Every 2 weeks on Sunday, until Sep 15, 2013

Transgender Family Support Group

For more information and directions, please call or email Mr. Kopmeier.

The Family Tree’s Transgender Support Group

Each meeting will be 1-hour long and divided between psycho-education and therapeutic conversation. The cost is $25 per meeting and $25 per individual interview meeting. Entrance and exit interviews by therapist are required for participation.

Safe “T” Support Group/Sunshine Social Services

This is a support group that provides the opportunity for anyone who identifies as transgender in any stage of transition. The group especially welcomes anyone age 18+ who do not fit gender stereotypes and are seeking support and understanding from others with the same experiences.

Atlanta Gender Explorations

Open gender support group.

Sigma Epsilon

Atlanta, GA chapter of Tri-Ess

Southern Association for Gender Education

There is ample free parking and the meeting location is accessible by a MARTA bus.  For privacy reasons, we do not post the exact meeting location online.  Contact us for more information and to find out the location.

Trans and Friends

Trans youth.

Youth Pride

Therapy group for SOFFAs.


TransIt! is a weekly discussion group for transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning youth ages 13-28. New members are invited to bring a friend or ally to their first meeting.

Trans Individuals Living Their Truth

A twice-monthly transgender support group in east Atlanta.

Transgender Ministry

Faith-based support group.

Transgender Support Group in Alpharetta

Group therapy session meetings are run by a licensed professional counselor and will require a phone screening before attending. The group is open to ALL transgender persons, M2F or F2M, crossdressers, tranvestites, pre-op, post-op, non-op. No admirers will be allowed. Come to talk about anything going on in your life, or just listen to things going on in the lives of others like you. She is a wonderful facilitator and the group currently has 5-10 people in attendance weekly.
If you would like to attend, please call Anna Lisa. Once you have spoken with her, you can get the time/location of the meetings.

FTM Savannah

The location of the meeting varies. Please contact us for current location, address, and directions.

Stand Out Youth

Wednesday Movie Nights and Friday Discussion Group Nights.

Iota Kappa Phi

Cedar Rapids, IA chapter of Tri-Ess, support and resources for heterosexual crossdressers and their SOs.

Transformations IOWA

Transformations Iowa is a support group for transgender and non-binary people with meetings in Des Moines, Urbandale, and Cedar Rapids. Transformations also helps educates the general public about transgender issues and the challenges transgender individuals face in today’s societies, as well as just what it is like to be transgender with panel discussions.

Tri-State Transgender Group

Please email for times and location.

The Sunday Society

Sampognaro and Louise L. Raeder Outreach and support organization. Operate a BBS. Telephone interview or previous contact required to attend meetings.

Chi Upsilon Iota

Support group for heterosexual crossdressers and their SOs.


Support for the significant partners of transgender persons.


GenderWork is Chicago’s social, support, and activist group for FTM (female-assigned, masculine-identified) individuals.

Transgender & Intersex Support Group

Open group for FTM, MTF, and Intersex individuals as well as those questioning their gender.

Transitions from the Inside Out

The support group is for transsexuals and those with gender dysphoria. MtF, FtM, TSs, and those questioning their gender identity are welcome.

Tri-Ess Chicago chapter

Chicago chapter of Tri-Ess

TYRA: Transgender Youth Resource and Advocacy Group at Howard Brown

TYRA is a support group for transgender and questioning youth, 24 and under, to meet people, get informed, and be supported by their peers.

GenderQueer Chicago at The Center

GenderQueer Chicago is a grassroots, peer-led group that works to create safe spaces for all of us to talk about, think about, explore, and express gender. They are open to those who wish to talk and think about gender!

Man Cave at The Center

A peer-led discussion and meeting for masculine-identified Trans and Queer individuals.
The group also organizes outside events like fishing, gym, camping and BBQs.

Charm School at The Center

Charm School is a safe space for Trans people to discuss living life with with style and etiquette. Mama Gloria in her own words: “I wanted a charm school for Trans people to show people we have class and style. Everyone in life should be the person that he or she needs to be. And that is love.”

Trancend at Youth Outlook

Contact Youth Outlook for exact location.

Gender Diversity Therapy Group at Spectrum Rockford

Group is ongoing and open to join at any time. Must call to pre-register. The cost is 20 dollars.

Spectrum (QCAD)

We at Spectrum provide support, information and education for transitioning transsexuals, transgender, and crossdressing individuals. We provide a support structure for transgender individuals and their families. Spectrum assists the questioning individual in their search for awareness and comprehension of their gender identity and expression.

International Gender Support Group, “Shrinking Violet”

IGS has come together to provide to CD, TG, TS, their spouses, SO, friends and supporters, a safe non-judgmental place to meet. This will help us to learn, teach, share, and build friendship, along with healthy lifestyles based on confidence and self-esteem.


Manners and common sense are expected of all at meetings. IXE is a supportive non-judgmental group for all persons honestly dealing with gender conflict. For dues info and a sample newsletter, please see the website.

Indy Boyz


Spectrum (Earlham College)


Gender Warriors

At our General Meetings, we have a discussion of a particular trans issue as well as plan upcoming events.  These meetings are every Sunday. For an exact schedule, check out our events page. Our meetings are private, so if you wish to attend one or to be a part of the private group on facebook, please email us.

Trans Lafayette at Pride Lafayette Center

We have two meetings per month. Once a month we have discussion based meetings about topics related to gender identity and expression, social issues that affect the trans community, and information about resources. The other meeting for the month is a social where community members can enjoy company in a safe space.

Transgender Fort Wayne

Founded in 2011, the primary mission of Transgender Fort Wayne is to provide advocacy, support and education while serving to create coalitions in northeast Indiana (the Fort Wayne metro area) to unify and empower transgender and gender non-conformist communities.

Topeka Transgender Alliance

TTA is a support group for the transgender (crossdressers, dual gender, Intersex, and transsexuals) community in the Topeka, KS area.  They invite guest speakers to present topics of intrest to the Transgender community.   The only qualifications to belong to the group is a small interview process.

Wichita Transgender Coalition

The Wichita Transgender Coalition is a supportive social, educational, and advocacy group, dedicated to meeting the needs of the transgender community in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding area. For location information and directions, or if you have other questions, please contact us.

Bluegrass Belles

A support and social group for all people who identify as transgender, transsexual, crossdressers, or supporters, friends, and family of same. We meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month in Louisville, KY, and have other outings and events during the month.


TransKentucky is a support, social, and resource group serving Lexington and the state of Kentucky as a whole. It is the mission of this group to provide a safe place for transgender individuals and people who feel they do not fit into the standard gender norms to express their true selves.
Contact for details.


For meeting location information for Sienna, please contact Holly. You can find out more about joining by going to the “Join Sienna” Page.