Trans Support Groups

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KC Young and Trans at LIKEME® Lighthouse

A Kansas City transgender/queer support group.

Tri-Ess Splce

Call or visit website for more details.

Gender Variant Group at Indiana Youth Group

This group is for youth who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or questioning, along with trans-allies.

Alaskan T-People

Strictly social, not political in any way. Social activities for the whole family: fishing parties, outings, whatever. The purpose is for those of us who have our family’s love and support to be able to do things with them.


Anyone interested in joining a closed transgender support group should leave their contact information with the staff at the GLBT community center: attention to the Executive Director. They will then be contacted by one of the facilitators for an interview and given further information.

Transgender in Alaska

Online group.

Sigma Rho Gamma

Monthly meetings relating directly to the crossdresser and their family. Membership includes subscription to the monthly newsletter. Mandatory orientation.

The HASUBET Society, Espouse Tri-Ette

The HASUBET Society is a support group for all transgender members, family, friends, and anyone else who desires to learn more about the transgender community. Its primary mission is to help, assist, support, uphold, befriend, and encourage transgender people.

Sigma Mu

Transgender support group that meets once a month in North West Arkansas.

Eureka Springs Transgender

This group is in support of transgender, Intersex, and other gender variant, as well as significant others in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

NWA Transmen

FTM group in northwest Arkansas. Join yahoo group or contact for details.

Dezert Boyz

Southern Arizona FTM Support Network. This is a group that is open to all people on the ftm continuum and their friends, family, and admirers.

Desert Girlz

Includes all people on the Male-to-Female (MTF) continuum and their significant others, friends, family, and allies.

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA)

The Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, Inc. (SAGA) provides educational, support, outreach, and other programs for transgender, transsexual, and gender-variant people, as well as families, allies, service providers, employers, and others.

Alpha Zeta

Phoenix, AZ chapter of Tri-Ess

Tau Upsilon

Tucson, AZ chapter of Tri-Ess

TransAm & Soffa


Phoenix Trans Guys & SOFFA


North Phoenix Men’s Society

Call/text or email for location and time.

This is HOW AA Group

Trans specific substance abuse group.

TransVerse Recovery Meeting

Email for specific time and location.

Mariposa of Palm Springs (Transgender Outreach)

Since 1995 monthly meetings for transgender people, their family, and friends; held in conjunction with PFLAG meetings.

Far West Women

While membership in this TG support group is limited to crossdressers and transgender people, women are welcome to attend. We have occasional pot lucks, activities, and discussion.

American Transsexual Education Center (ATEC)

Serving the transgender and transsexual community, a confidential and non-judgmental telephone crisis and personal counseling, referrals to support groups in your area, electrologists, medical/psychological help, speakers, and newsletter.

Gender Expressions

Outreach for TG people and their families. Group meetings, outings and seminars. Listings of books, tapes, and organizations.

Transgender Support Group

This meeting is open to all transgender persons and their families and significant others. A TS-specific group is also available, which meets once a month at the Center (call for details).


Contact Shiela or Shirley. Mention that you are calling about Androgyny.

Genderqueer Boyzzz

Genderqueer Boyzzz is a Southern California social group primarily for and about people assigned female at birth or in childhood and raised girl-to-woman who have masculine self-identifications some or all of the time. This is a place where difference is

Minority AIDS Project

Discussion and rap groups conducted by the Project’s TS/TG program for TG/TS persons and their SOs. HIV/AIDS information, hormone treatment, support groups and more.

Transsexual Explorer

Monthly group for m2f post and pre-op. Very warm, cozy atmosphere, helping each other, support where necessary and oodles of assistance in deportment, fashion, the real world.

Klinefelter Syndrome and Associated Disorders

Information about Klinefelter’s Syndrome and associated disorders.

Neutral Corner

A self-help group to help its members live normal and productive lives. Serving San Diego County with social and educational programs, a communication network, monthly meetings, monthly newsletter, membership consulting, wives’ and families’ input.


A support group for transgender people. For information regarding gender idenity issues and directions, contact us.


LYRIC’s social/support/discussion group for gender-questioning, transgender, transsexual, cross-dressing, etc. people 25 and under.

Significant Others Support

Affiliated with TGSF. An educational and support organization for the Significant Others of CD/TSs. Meetings.


Monthly Social gatherings for a diverse body of transfolks in the San Francisco Bay area. Stop at the website for more details.

MCC TS Support Group

For TS (MTF and FTM) and SO and family members. Pot luck dinner followed by meeting.

Rainbow Gender Association

The Rainbow Gender Association is a social and support group for transgender people in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

Thursday Irregulars

For over 10 years a group of TVs and their friends have met every Thursday for lunch. An informal discussion group and meeting of good friends. Participants come as their “male” selves. Group security conscious, so inquire about requirements.

Under Construction

FTM Organization. Under Construction has a quarterly get together at a member’s home.

Society for the Second Self

Tri-Ess is a non-profit organization exclusively for heterosexual crossdressers and their significant others. Tri-Ess provides a correspondence directory, a directory of commercial services, and chapters throughout the US.

Tri-Chi – Tri Ess

Social and support group for crossdressers and their significant others. See Society for the Second Self, Tulare, CA.

Driving Into Los Angeles Totally Sucks (DILATS)

A group of TSs, their SOs and children in the Inland Empire of southern California. We are looking for fellows who share our frustration at having to drive into Los Angles to find any resources for transgender people.

Loved Ones Of Transsexuals (LOTS)

Monthly support group for family, friends of transsexuals, and interested medical professionals facilitated by Jeanee Ebner, a mother of a post-op TS. Specifically for TSs and their affiliates.

Stonewall Alliance Center

Transgender resources center and support group.

Diablo Valley Girls

Non-profit, non-sexual support group for transgender individuals, their families and friends.

Transgender San Francisco

TGSF is a group for all members of the Transgender Community. Transgender is used as an umbrella term that includes female and male cross dressers, transvestites, drag queens or kings, female or male impersonators, intersexed individuals, pre-operative, post-operative, and non-operative individuals, and anyone else who identifies as a gender other than they were assigned at birth.

Transgender Support Group

This is an all-inclusive support and discussion group for crossdressers, transsexuals, and other people who identify as gender variant.


Support for Transgender and questioning youth.

Mid-Peninsula Support Group (MPSG)

A support/rap group for all transgender persons, including MtF and FtM. MPSG is a support group with an emphasis on real support.

FTM Early Transition Group

Support group for FTMs in early transition.

Trans Families Sacramento

For families with transgender members.

Louis Sullivan Society

The Lou Sullivan Society strives to keep the life and spirit of Louis G. Sullivan alive in the hearts and minds of transgender, transsexual and genderqueer men through providing information, support, community building, education and advocacy for Female to Male people.

South Bay Trans Women Support Group

A group for MTF trans people, including cross dressers, gender-questioning, considering the transition, in process, or completed the transition.

South Bay Transmen Social and Support Group

The South Bay Transmen is a group for questioning and female-to-male transgender people. We meet once a month and occasionally gather socially for special events.

BeingME, The Center Orange County

A support and peer discussion group that confronts issues important to MTFs as well as those who may be exploring their gender identity.

TG Rainbow

All-inclusive transgender support group.

Santa Cruz Organization Uniting Transmen (SCOUT)

SCOUT is a Diversity Center support and social group for anyone who is FTM, transgender, or exploring their gender identity.

Santa Cruz Trans

All gender-different persons are invited to attend.

FTM Sonoma County

Free, drop-in, confidential support meetings and social gatherings.

Diablo Valley Girls (DVG)

Diablo Valley Girls is a non-profit, non-sexual support group for transgender individuals, their families and friends.


Los Angeles chapter of Tri-Ess

Lambda Kappa Omicron

Orange County, CA chapter of Tri-Ess

Guys Chat at the FtM Alliance of Los Angeles

The Guys Chat is open to anyone assigned female at birth or in childhood who no longer feels that label is complete or accurate. (In other words…if you self-identify as trans, genderqueer, or if you are questioning, you’re welcome to attend!)  Email for more info.

LOTS Meeting at the Ftm Alliance of Los Angeles

LOTS is a supportive space for partners, parents, friends, allies and others in relations with trans/genderqueer folks. For more info, contact info [at] ftmalliance [dot] org.

Transitioning Family

We split up by age into three sub-groups: parents, adolescents, and elementary.

Transgender Perceptions at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center

Every first Friday trans allies welcome; every second and last Friday trans people only.

Kaiser Trans Support Group

Kaiser Permanente now offers a transgender support group for its members.  The group is called “Free to Be Me.”

TransFusion at The Center

This group will provide a safe space where trans and gender non-conforming youth ages 14-19 can meet other peers and participate in engaging group activities and discussions.

FTM Group Riverside

All are welcome.  Meet new friends.  Get questions answered or help us answer them!  Please order food and or beverages to thank the management for offering us this free space.

Transgender Coming out Group at The Center

This group supports transgender people in all stages of exploring gender identity. Open to transgender women (MTF), transgender men (FTM), genderqueer/gender non-conforming people, people who are intersex, and those questioning their gender identity. SOFFAs (significant others, friends, family, allies) are welcome to attend with their transgender loved ones.

San Diego FTM Support Group at The Center

Support group for Female to Male transsexuals, those assigned female at birth, now identifying as male or questioning their gender.

FTM/Significant Others Discussion Group at The Center

A group for significant others, friends, family, and allies of transgender men (FTM).